A Few Cancelled Activities…

The following activities are being cancelled for Rick to manage some personal items:

Tuesday, June 20th;
Sunday, July 2nd;
Tuesday, July 4th.

There have been some thoughts that we might get together as a group outside of these cancelled regular activities. If anyone is interested, please feel free to suggest ideas via comments to this post.

Thanks, everyone!

One thought on “A Few Cancelled Activities…

  1. It seems the weather may not be best for gardening but if it isn’t actively raining or storming my family and I will be at Grow to Share (Hoffman Park) from 5-7pm helping with the harvest and also weeding in our Sangha garden space. I also propose to do the same on the 2nd (9-11am) and the 4th (5-8pm) if anyone is around the help is always very much appreciated!

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