Welcome 2018!

Hello to all friends and sangha on this first day of 2018!

A few items that we have for the beginning of this new year:

  • Reverend Rick has had his personal schedule change some, so Morning Meditations on weekdays will be held starting at 8:30am on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays. All other regular activities will have their times and schedules addressed at the upcoming Annual Sangha Meeting on January 30th.
  • Annual Meeting: There will be a “State of the Sangha” report, a Treasurer’s report, discussion about the direction of the sangha and its activities along with voting for the 4 annual Directorships.
  • Current disposition of each of the 5 Directorship positions:
    • Spiritual Director: Reverend Rick Slone – Wishes to continue in his position. (His position is voted on only if vacating.)
    • President: Brent Bakken – Is interested in continuing.
    • Vice-President: Heidi Nemcek – Is not interested in continuing.
    • Secretary: Nancy Preuit – Is not interested in continuing.
    • Treasurer: Formerly, Paul Mullen – Position currently vacant.
  • Please consider running for one of our Directorships – there are 4 quarterly meetings and occasional email/text interactions for more immediate needs.

Blessings, Everyone!

Brent Bakken
Advisory Board President
Karuna Buddhist Sangha

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