The teachings of Reverend Shinko Rick Sloan are made possible by generous people like you.

The cultivation of generosity is essential to Buddhist practice and the first quality of an awakened mind. Giving opens and expands our hearts, allows us to go beyond our attachments, and dissolves the sense of separateness between ourselves and others, deepening our experience of joy. There are many ways to give – through dana, donations, and selfless service.

Karuna Buddhist Sangha is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that supports the work of Reverend Rick through two main sources of revenue: dana and donations. Dana is a gift from the heart given at the time of receiving service. A donation is a gift from the heart made at any other time. These are not “tips”, but essential funds that cover healthcare and basic sangha operational costs. In addition to this, Karuna Buddhist Sangha depends upon the contributions of time and talent by many dedicated volunteers throughout the greater River Falls / Twin Cities area.

All of these gifts – including yours – directly support and enable Reverend Rick to continue his selfless service, sharing his deep understanding of the Dharma with everyone.

With heartfelt joy, we thank you for your generosity.